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How Do I...

Update my contact information?

If you have moved, created a new e-mail address, have a preferred phone number, or have any new updates to your contact information you would like us to know about, log into the Scripps Community Network to edit your profile with the new information and we will have your new information on record!

Look up an alumna/parent/student?

You can search the directory by clicking Search Network on the main navigation bar. This will allow you to look up fellow alumnae and search for parents or students who have opted in to the network. Be sure to select your networking preferences (i.e. who can search for you) by editing your profile.

Get an event on the calendar?

If you are interested in hosting an event for alumnae, parents, and/or students in your area or know of an event you would like to advertise to alumnae, contact the Office of Alumnae Engagement with the details.  

Request a transcript?

All transcripts are processed through the Registrar's Office, they can be reached at (909) 621-8273.

Get a Scripps application fee waiver for a prospective student?

Scripps only accepts online applications, therefore there is no longer a fee waiver form. Prospective students simply check the 'College-Approved Fee Waiver Box' on the Common App. This allows any student to have her fee waived, either because of an alumna connection or because of financial hardship.

Submit a class note?

You can submit through your Scripps Community Network profile, email or reach out to your Class Scribe

Join a group?

You can search for a group to join or create one yourself here! Groups allow you to connect with a specific group of alumnae based on interest, industry, geographic location, or any other common ground you want! If you have specific questions about groups, contact the Office of Alumnae Engagement.

Set up an alumnae forwarding email address?

With the use of e-mail forwarding you may establish a “permanent” alumni e-mail address which does not change, and which you may feel free to give out to family and friends without worrying that it will be altered in six months to avoid spam or because you relocate or change jobs or internet service providers. Once you log into the Scripps Community Network for the first time, and create a profile, you can set up email forwarding in your account settings.